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Endless Floors, Inside the Home and Out

Seamless flooring for indoors and outdoors. Dolmen Beige Series by Alcalagres.

Indoor / Outdoor combines decorative trend and practical sense in interior rooms, but also in terraces, facades and garden areas. Endless floors that create open and elegant spaces.

If we speak of endless floors in the home, we speak of elegance and convenience. Microcements, vinyl material and stones offer the possibility of giving continuity to the floor of a house. However, porcelain stoneware flooring is the highest quality proposal for creating endless floor environments, due to its hardness and virtually no water absorption.

Dolmen Nacar

Seamless flooring for indoors and outdoors. Dolmen Nacar 60x120 mate.

Technology serves the decorative trend and creates home floors that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. But only a few porcelain stoneware floors have models capable of extending the floor outside the home as well - such as the range of non-slip/ rustic and the Xtreme Series by Alcalagres - to create open spaces that give a sense of openness and modernity.


Advantages of seamless porcelain stoneware inside and outside the home:

- Open spaces that create elegant and enveloping atmospheres

- Total customization of the space

- Aesthetic uniformity that makes decoration easier

- Practical for cleaning

- Resistance and durability




Seamless flooring for indoors and outdoors. Dolmen Gris 80x80 ESP. rústico.

This decorative trend seeks continuity inside and outside the house, adapting to the requirements of each environment. To all the resistance and waterproofness of porcelain stoneware for the kitchen floor, the bathroom floor and the living room, we add the anti-slip and durability against the hardships of the weather for terraces and swimming pool areas.

Seamless flooring for indoors and outdoors. Terrazo Pearl series by Alcalagres.

Homes with porcelain stoneware floors and custom design.

It reduces worries when looking for an outdoor floor and an indoor one. Alcalagres porcelain stoneware is a safe bet on elegance and highlights the decoration. The variety in size of the pieces makes it possible to create exclusive atmospheres. Large formats eliminate joints and suggest endless surfaces, medium formats draw dynamic compositions. Thus, it is possible to create spaces without visual barriers for living rooms, kitchens, terraces, swimming pools and gardens.

Seamless flooring for indoors and outdoors. Zement Steel series by Alcalagres.


Xtreme 20 millimeters emphasizes its thickness, double than that of its equivalents for indoor use, which allows it to be resistant to harsh weather and allows for versatile installation on grass, sand, gravel or even raised floors... In addition, it has special non-slip parts so that the pool and garden are completely integrated into the overall view of the project.

At ALCALAGRES we specialize in the manufacture and sale of integral porcelain stoneware for use in both floor and wall coverings in all areas. We are committed to quality. All our products are supervised by the guidelines of standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000, which ensures research, development and sales with maximum guarantees. We work with the best raw materials on the market, subject to the strictest controls, which allow us to obtain exceptional technical features of Integral Porcelain stoneware: high resistance to bending >2000 N, to heavy traffic with a surface wear <145 mm3, to frost, to chemicals, a level of water absorption <0.1%... and a wide variety of models, formats and finishes.


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