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One porcelain stoneware for outdoor use, 5 ways of installation

Resistant, strong, modern and versatile. Xtreme 20 mm outdoor porcelain stoneware flooring adapts to up to 5 different surfaces without losing strength. A quality floor solution for outdoor terraces.


The thickness of 20 millimeters makes this superporcelain stoneware a chameleonic material for outdoor flooring.

Traditional installation is suitable for any outdoor space, like terraces, porches, car parks, access ramps, swimming pools, spa... This option is the most resistant to loads.

Colocación tradicional Alcalagres

Traditional installation

We can also lay this outdoor floor on sand, without the need for any worker's support work.

It is the same laying that is used for the pavers of the sidewalks and passageways.

Colocación sobre arena

On sand installation

This unfixed outdoor floor can also be laid on gravel. Suitable for patios and areas requiring fluid drainage.

Colocación sobre grava

On gravel installation

One of the most striking and simple layings is on grass. You only need to dig a hole between 5 and 10 cm, add gravel or compacted sand and lay the piece on top of it. A few centimeters can be left between the pieces to encourage grass growth between them.

Colocación sobre cesped

On lawn installation


Xtreme 2.0 has the required resistance to be installed as a raised floor in outdoor areas for both public and residential use. Between the floor and the pieces, an air chamber is created that generates acoustic and thermal insulation with respect to the upper floor and allows electrical installations and conduits to be concealed.

Colocación pavimento elevado

Raised floor installation

More than 40 different models to adapt to the decoration of the home with versions for indoor flooring that will give continuity to the floor outside and inside the home.

At ALCALAGRES we specialize in the manufacture and sale of integral porcelain stoneware for use in both floor and wall coverings in all areas. We are committed to quality. All our products are supervised by the guidelines of standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000, which ensures research, development and sales with maximum guarantees. We work with the best raw materials on the market, subject to the strictest controls, which allow us to obtain exceptional technical features of Integral Porcelain stoneware: high resistance to bending >2000 N, to heavy traffic with a surface wear <145 mm3, to frost, to chemicals, a level of water absorption <0.1%... and a wide variety of models, formats and finishes.


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