Bonded Facade

Ceramics has traditionally been a suitable solution for facade cladding. The different stresses that can occur during the life of these buildings cause detachment problems in these ceramic solutions, especially if the appropriate bonding agents are not used, taking into account the large ceramic formats that are currently manufactured.

Given the low absorption coefficient of porcelain stoneware, Alcalagres recommends the installation of large formats on facades by combining double bonding and mechanical fixing systems.

As a complement to fixing with bonding agents, Alcalagres offers mechanical fixings using metal clips anchored with stainless screws. These clips are usually made of stainless steel and mechanically support the porcelain pieces.

Fixing Systems

In order to carry out an adequate installation, the original support of the cladding must be perfectly dry and seated, its flatness must not deviate by more than 2 mm and it must have a textured finish that makes the perfect adhesion of the porcelain material easier.

The adhesive mortar to be used must be cement-based, according to EN-12004, with elastic behavior to reduce the effect of tensions and must be guaranteed by the manufacturer for outdoor use. As a complement to fixing with bonding agents, it is recommended to install a mechanical fixing by means of clips fixed to the wall. These clips mechanically support the porcelain stoneware pieces. Installation joints must be left between the tiles, with a minimum spacing of 4 mm. Never install tiles without a joint.

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