Alcalagres offers Xtreme 2.0, the 20 mm porcelain suitable for any outdoor space. The production process includes the selection of raw materials, white clays, quartz, feldspars, kaolins..., pressing to 4,600 tons (400 kg/cm2), firing at more than 1,180 ºC for 100 minutes and rectifying. The result is a product with exceptional features suitable for any type of outdoor installation.


La colocación tradicional es apta para cualquier espacio exterior, terrazas, porches, aparcamientos, rampas de acceso, piscinas, spa… Esta opción es la más resistente a las cargas.

Se recomienda dejar una junta mínima de 4 mm que deberemos rellenar con mortero de juntas.


This installation option is the same as that used for the installation of pavers on sidewalks and passageways.

We must lay the material on +/- 5 cm of compacted and leveled sand. Requires filling joints with sand.


Suitable for installation in patios and areas requiring fluid drainage. Lay the material on compacted and leveled fine gravel.

If you leave joints of +/- 5 cm you must fill them with more gravel to prevent the pieces from moving. If the joint is +/- 5 mm, fill it with sand.


It is the simplest installation option, it only requires digging between 5 and 10 cm, adding fine gravel or compacted sand and laying the material on it. .

You can leave joints of between 5 and 10 cm to encourage the growth of the lawn between the pieces


The Xtreme 2.0 collection guarantees the required resistance to be installed as a raised floor in outdoor areas for both public and residential use.

The air chamber that is created underneath generates acoustic and thermal insulation to the space of the previous floor and allows concealing conduits, electrical installations and drains. By keeping the 4 mm joints open, it allows water to drain away.

This installation option provides access to drains and maintenance work required by the slab or base.

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