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Alcalagres, S.A., founded in 1990, is a specialist in the manufacture and sale of integral porcelain stoneware for use in both floor and wall coverings in all areas. The production center and headquarters located in Camarma de Esteruelas (Madrid), and a logistic warehouse located in Burriana (Castellón), allow the supply of orders made by all our customers. Alcalagres has a domestic and international distribution network that allows us to export to more than 85 countries on five continents.

We are committed to quality, all our products are supervised by the guidelines of standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000, which ensures research, development and sales with maximum guarantees. We work with the best raw materials on the market, subject to the strictest controls, which allow us to obtain the exceptional technical features of Integral Porcelain stoneware: high resistance to bending >2000 N, to heavy traffic with a surface wear <145 mm3, to frost, to chemicals, a level of water absorption <0.1%... and a wide variety of models, formats and finishes.

Sustainable Efficiency

Characterized by the ecological spirit, Alcalagres combines industrial development with its sustainability, always having in mind the care of the natural environment in which our activity takes place.

We have incorporated the most efficient and modern machinery on the market in terms of performance, but also the least polluting. We follow the BAT (Best Available Techniques) concept of the European directives.



Experts in Quality

From the very first phase of production, where the raw materials are selected, Alcalagres' integral porcelain stoneware is characterized by the company's commitment to quality, research, development and design.

The technical features of high resistance to flexion, to heavy pedestrian traffic, to wheeled vehicles, to frost, to chemicals, the low level of water absorption < 0.1% resulting from the manufacturing process, make Porcelain stoneware an essential material for professionals, especially when they plan to tackle a new project with durable, resistant and decorative solutions.

Eco Alcalagres

The strong commitment to NOT generating waste, has led us in recent years to investigate the process of recycling tiles rejected because of breakage, obtaining as a result several models manufactured with recycled material, which meet the same quality requirements as other products but generate less pollution.

All this has been compensated by obtaining the UNE-EN-ISO 14021 regarding the "green" labeling of products, under the supervision of Bureau Veritas, thus ensuring that our products are environmentally friendly and suitable for efficient use in all those buildings that aspire to be classified as "LEEOS ® Sustainable Buildings".

Carretera de Alcalá de Henares a Camarma, km. 4,1. 28816 Camarma de Esteruelas. Madrid (Spain)
Tel. +34 91 886 59 20

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