Xtreme 2.0 Catalog 2019

Discover the Xtreme 2.0 porcelain stoneware series, by Alcalagres, for floors exposed to the weather. Resistance and versatility are the defining features of this technical material with a 20 mm thickness.

Due to its production process, in which the best raw materials are used, a pressing at 4,600 tons and firing at more than 1,180ºC, Xtreme is a product with exceptional properties suitable for any type of outdoor installation.

There are many installation possibilities: gluing - including vehicle passageways and parking areas, on pedestals, gravel, grass or even inside swimming pools. The result is a perfect, solid finish of great decorative value.

Colocación Tradicional

Traditional tile installation is resistant to loads and suitable for terraces, porches, car parks, swimming pools, etc...

Colocación sobre arena 

On sand, it is similar to laying pavers on sidewalks and passageways.

Colocación sobre grava

The installation on gravel is ideal for patios and areas that need a fluid drainage.

Colocación sobre cesped

On the lawn, it is the simplest installation and, at the same time, very attractive to the senses.

Colocación sobre pedestales

Its arrangement on pedestals or raised flooring is suitable for both public and residential use. The air chamber created underneath the material generates acoustic and thermal insulation and, in addition, makes it possible to conceal conduits and electrical installations or drains, while at the same time favoring the evacuation of water through the joints.

    Catálogo Xtreme 2.0 2019    

The Xtreme 2.0 catalog reflects all the options for laying this porcelain stoneware, as well as samples of projects with different successful applications of this material; you will also find information on all its aesthetic possibilities and technical features.

Xtreme 2.0 is the most resistant and reliable technical solution to the problems of exterior flooring that architectural projects present on a daily basis.