Porcelain stoneware for outdoor use

Few ceramic materials are as resistant and versatile as special outdoor flooring. Careful selection of raw materials, firing at more than 1000 degrees Celsius and a pressing process of 4600 tons guarantee a porcelain stoneware floor for outdoor use that is resistant to harsh weather and versatile in its installation.

Stone wears away, microcement cracks, wood requires maintenance but porcelain stoneware floor for outdoor use remains unchanged over time. If we also add an easy installation that adapts to different surfaces, the result is Xtreme, the optimal porcelain stoneware for outdoor use.

The production process includes a selection of raw materials, white clays, quartz, feldspars, kaolins... which are pressed with a pressure of more than 4,500 tonnes and fired at more than 1,200 ºC for more than 100 minutes before rectifying the finish of each piece. This is the magic potion of these superporcelain stoneware tiles that are resistant to changes in temperature -Xtreme 2.0, from Alcalagres, has an absorption level of <0.1%, which guarantees its resistance to frost -, to de-shading over time, to stains and to chemical aggressions produced by swimming pool salts, acids and chemical agents.

Serie Concrete de Alcalagres

Concrete Series by Alcalagres

Durability and strength

This type of floors for outdoor use is twice as thick as its indoor flooring peers, a power that shields its quality in outdoor environments and allows it to withstand heavy weights. The 20 millimeters thickness of Alcalagres' Xtreme 2.0 enables extremely high breaking load values (≥12.000 N) that guarantee optimum performance in public, high-traffic or residential areas.


Zement Series by Alcalagres

Xtreme 2.0 qualities

· Resistant to cold, stains, weight and passage of time

· Strong against high traffic

· Does not slip

· Easy to install

· More than 40 models in a myriad of formats

· Continuity for floors inside the house 




Zement Series by Alcalagres

Easy installation

This extra thickness enables a versatile and simple installation on surfaces as different as grass, gravel and sand, avoiding drying or debris removal times.
This series from Alcalagres also allows to create raised floors and to remove and put pieces for maintenance work to be reused. This porcelain stoneware for outdoor use is easy to clean and does not need care, an ideal material for garden and wet areas outside homes.

Alcalagres Timber Series

Alcalagres Timber Series

In addition, Xtreme 2.0 is made up of more than 40 models in a myriad of formats and all of them have their equivalent in indoor materials to give continuity to the flooring inside the homes as well.

Serie Terrazzo de Alccalagres

Terrazzo Series by Alcalagres

Resistance, strength and versatility with a modern aesthetic are the powers of these materials that have become an ideal technical solution for outdoor flooring in large urban projects, as well as a practical and elegant decorative resource for the landscaped areas of family homes.

At Alcalagres we specialize in the manufacture and sale of integral porcelain stoneware for use in both floor and wall coverings in all areas. We are committed to quality. All our products are supervised by the guidelines of standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000, which ensures research, development and sales with maximum guarantees. We work with the best raw materials on the market, subject to the strictest controls, which allow us to obtain exceptional technical features of Integral Porcelain stoneware: high resistance to bending >2000 N, to heavy traffic with a surface wear <145 mm3, to frost, to chemicals, a level of water absorption <0.1%... and a wide variety of models, formats and finishes.